4 Reasons To Drink Iced Coffee Over Regular Coffee

4 Reasons To Drink Iced Coffee Over Regular Coffee

We all love our freshly brewed cup of coffee first thing in the morning. After all, it wakes us up and has a great taste that perfectly complements a balanced breakfast. However, one of the greatest benefits of all is that there are so many different types to try—whether hot or cold.

Iced coffee, in particular, comes with several advantages that you might not have previously considered. These are some core reasons to drink iced coffee over regular coffee.

Home Brewing Is Much Easier

Believe it or not, getting a perfectly tepid brew is as easy as pouring yourself a mug of regular coffee—especially if you have a Keurig at home. All you need to do is brew your favorite K-cup coffee over a glass filled with ice. The ice will cool the brew down as it pours, leaving you with a beverage you can drink right away. Some Keurig machines even have a special setting for brew-over-ice blends, making this process much simpler for busy mornings. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the process, check out this blog on the essential iced coffee brewing steps for Keurigs.

It’s Gentler on Your Stomach

Iced coffee also often contains less acidity than standard hot brews. This is because hot water pulls more oil out of the grounds. These compounds have a very acidic taste and body, altering the natural taste of the coffee. Unfortunately, many individuals find that acidic coffee upsets their stomachs. If this is your case, switching to iced brews can help you avoid some of that discomfort in your daily routine.

There’s More Flavor

Another important reason to drink iced coffee over regular coffee is the increase in flavor that comes with this brew type. Because iced coffee has less acidity than standard hot brews, there’s nothing to get in the way of a well-bodied and flavorful drink. Overall, iced coffees tend to have much more flavor, so your palate will be able to distinguish even the more subtle notes of your blend. This is great for getting a more fulfilling and well-rounded drinking experience with every sip.

You Reduce the Risk of Coffee Burns

Above all, chilling your coffee as it brews significantly cuts down on your risk of morning mouth burns. It’s never fun to char your tongue just by taking a sip of coffee, but iced coffee eliminates this struggle entirely. The ice will immediately counteract the heat of your brew, making it the perfect drinking temperature in a matter of seconds.

Iced coffees are quickly rising in popularity. They’re a refreshing alternative perfect for any time of year. Best of all, you can always shape it to meet your specific flavor, acidity, and temperature needs. Give it a try—it could be your next favorite drink!


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