Reasons behind the Current Generation’s Hair Loss Problems

Reasons behind the Current Generation’s Hair Loss Problems

Many individuals overlook their recent hair-falling problem that occurs without any reason. There is nothing to panic about. Advanced medical science has been giving a perfect remedy for even bald people, who have been cured through hair transplant surgery or hair replacement procedure. Even a few individuals have come out of their hair loss problems simply with effective medications.

Further, every individual must know the reasons that trigger hair loss in humans. Here is the list of reasons behind the hair loss problems faced by the current generation.

Stress Or Illness

Stress or illness stands first in the triggering list for hair loss. Stress like financial crisis, family or work-related stuff, an accident, or anything, may push your hair to the last phase that results in shedding. It is necessary to keep your mind calm and avoid being stressed often. If your stress levels get reduced, the hair density will begin to increase.

Pregnancy Period

Women may face a small amount of hair loss during their pregnancy phase and heavy hair shedding during their post-pregnancy. Intake of healthy foods and being in the diet may help in your hair growth within the few months after delivery.

Vitamin A

Intake of every Vitamin is essential for the human body. But anything that exceeds its level may cause harm to the body. Likewise, if you consume more amount of Vitamin A-rich foods, then it may also lead to hair fall. So, it is highly essential to be careful whilst intaking foods with high Vitamin A content.

Protein And Vitamin B Deficiency 

If you fail to provide enough protein to your body, it may also lead to hair loss starting from medium to heavy shedding. The hair fall will begin to increase if the protein or Vitamin B deficiency continues until three months in the human body. Keep an eye on the Vitamin B-rich and protein-rich foods and add them to your diet.

Hormonal Imbalance

If you are supposed to take any supplements or medicine for other body problems, it results in hormonal changes in your body. It may become a factor for hair fall. If you are consuming such a supplement that paves a way towards hormonal imbalance, then it is necessary to consult your doctor regarding this and solve your hair fall problem by getting an alternative supplement for your problem.

Sudden Weight Loss 

Sudden weight loss always leaves a physical trauma for the body and as well for your hair cells. To resolve this issue and stop your hair from shedding, prepare a diet with essential vitamin and protein-rich foods that will fulfill the deficiency caused due to sudden weight loss. It may take around 6 months to restore it normally.

The above-mentioned reasons may become the prime factor for your hair loss. You cannot decide without consulting your physician. Go ahead, fix an appointment, and get a remedy for your hair loss problem.


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