3 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for spring

3 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for spring

Spring is a delightful time for people and businesses. Warmer temperatures, beautiful blooms, baby animals, and impending holidays all inspire us to live our personal and professional lives to the fullest. If you want the patrons of your restaurant to experience that fresh fullness of the season, you need to prepare your restaurant for spring. Consider the three best ways to do just that.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of spring activities. We want the insides of our homes and businesses to feel as fresh and lovely as the weather outside, which inspires thorough cleaning. While you should always keep your restaurant clean to comply with health codes, spring is a great time to take that cleaning to the next level. Don’t just vacuum your carpet, get it professionally steam cleaned. Don’t just dust your tables, polish them. Open the windows to air out your restaurant before opening or after closing. Use a new, spring-scented cleaner. These details all contribute to a successful spring cleaning and a prepared restaurant.

Outdoor Options

Many people feel cooped up all winter long, so when spring finally hits, they want to get out and enjoy the change in the weather. Your restaurant can provide outdoor space so guests can enjoy the beautiful weather along with your delicious food. Patios and rooftops are the most popular outdoor options for restaurants, but you can place small tables on sidewalks or even block off part of your parking lot to create an outdoor eating space. Add appropriate lighting, as well as rain coverage and heating options, so everyone can feel comfortable during unpredictable spring weather.

Another way to use outdoor space for your restaurant is to plant a garden. You can add planter boxes to outdoor seating spaces so guests can see their fresh food firsthand, or plant your garden somewhere private. Grow whatever you have the space for, from herbs in flower boxes to potted fruit trees on the sidewalk. Fresh always tastes better, even if it’s just a sprinkle of thyme as a garnish, and your patrons will appreciate your efforts with each bite.

Seasonal Specials

If you want to improve your restaurant’s coffee sales, consider providing seasonal specials. For example, you can incorporate spring flavors by offering a seasonal coffee that uses honey. Fresh blooming spring flowers give honey a unique, sweet flavor that tastes delicious in coffee and other seasonal drinks and dishes. Partner with local beekeepers so you have a trustworthy honey supply. Research other local produce vendors to see who else you can partner with to craft delicious seasonal specials that highlight the best your area has to offer.

Preparing your restaurant for spring starts with your cleaning habits and moves out from there. These three ways are just some basic ideas to get you started so your restaurant can thrive in this new, beautiful season. If you want to ensure customer satisfaction, talk to your loyal customers and ask them which changes they would like to see within your restaurant this spring.


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