Push-Up Capacity Is an Indicator of Your Heart Disease Risk

Push-Up Capacity Is an Indicator of Your Heart Disease Risk

When you did the push-ups last time?

If you cannot recall, then read this article. This simple exercise means a lot to your health, then you may have contemplated.

Research published in JAMA Network Open revealed that push-up capacity says a lot about the cardiovascular system. This Study further revealed that if middle-aged men can complete 40 push-ups or more, then they have a significantly lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The push-up method is a no-cost method and you do not need to spend a single penny to assess your cardiovascular health. In the present scenario, treadmill tests are more common than push-up capacity tests. However, the irony is this test has a close link with your cardiovascular system.

Health science research was conducted on 1104 active male firefighters between 2000 to 2010. Their average body mass index (BMI) was 28.6 and their mean age was 39.5.

The researchers revealed that those men who completed more than 40 push-ups had around 96% reduced risk of coronary cardiovascular diseases. This is in comparison with those people who were not able to complete even 10 push-ups. At the time of the test, a couple of other things were also recorded like age, height resting heart rate, blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, smoking status, and cholesterol level.

Quality Of Your Health

Your fitness is related to blood pressure, abdominal fat, and blood cholesterol levels. You need to make a perfect combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise to get rid of extra body fat.

Dr. Dennis was not surprised by the research report. He said,” we were aware that physical inactivity is responsible for cardiovascular diseases and its related problems.”

The above research also emphasizes the guidelines of the American Heart Association. At least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise in a week is also included in these guidelines. You can easily incorporate this type of exercise into your daily schedule. You can do it easily in your office or at home. To get maximum benefit, you need to make it a part of your work life.

Benefits Of Doing Push-Ups

Doing push-ups regularly will enhance your body strength and give you a toned upper body. Push-up is a wonderful exercise to train your pectoral muscles, triceps, and shoulders. They will help you burn several calories in a single go because this exercise includes many muscles of your body. This exercise will help you melt more body fat in comparison with other exercises. Other exercises involve only one muscle group or two.

This exercise is good for improving your posture and enhances testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that is essential for both men and women. Push-ups are bodyweight exercises and you do not need any equipment to perform this exercise. You can do it in your living room bedroom or even at the workplace.

Most of the experts agree that a push-up capacity test is a valuable way to know about the quality of your cardiovascular system. On the other hand, they believe that this is not an accurate predictor. They suggest working on improving aerobic capacity. To eliminate traditional risk factors like diet rather than focusing solely on enhancing the ability to do more push-ups.


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