Growing Older: What to Expect Each Decade

Growing Older: What to Expect Each Decade

Signs of aging might feel as if they have quickly crept up, but fine lines and deep wrinkles will develop over time. As you grow older, your skin will age, leading to discoloration, sagging, or a dull complexion.

Also, your beauty needs will likely change, as your favorite products during your twenties might start to lose their effectiveness a decade or two later. Plus, you may need to adopt a new regimen to care for different needs and issues.

If you want to look younger than your age, here is what you can expect from the aging process each decade and some helpful solutions.

The 20s

People in their early 20s are unlikely to experience obvious signs of aging. However, you might notice a slight dullness to your skin once you enter your mid to late 20s, and you might suddenly look more tired than usual. If so, it is likely caused by a gradual build-up of sun damage, genetics, stress, or a lack of sleep.

During your 20s, establish an effective skincare routine to prevent obvious signs of aging in the future. Also, protect your skin by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

The 30s

Thirty-somethings will often start to notice fine lines on their face, sun damage pigmentation, or even a loss of volume in their cheeks. These lines are a sign of damage caused to the skin during your teenage years and throughout your 20s.

Also, the skin’s repair system may slow down during your 30s and cause a dull complexion. Plus, a reduction in collagen production means your skin might start to lose some elasticity, so it might not feel as tight as it was in your 20s. It’s for this reason why fine lines and wrinkles might start to develop near the eyes, which you can attempt to reduce with an anti-aging eye cream.

The 40s

Those fine lines might turn to more prominent wrinkles as you enter your 40s, as your skin may lose more elasticity and volume. As your complexion changes, you might need to use a gentler exfoliating cleanser to wash your face, hydrate your skin, and support cell turnover. Look for products featuring hyaluronic acid or fatty lipids to improve moisture and support skin barrier repair.

The 50s

You might notice the biggest difference in your appearance during your 50s. After menopause, declining estrogen levels and elevated androgen levels can lead to thinner, less elastic, and dry skin. Also, you might notice you have hooded lids that will make you appear tired and older than your years.

It is important to absorb as much moisture as possible during your 50s. To do so, you’ll need to invest in gentle cleaners. Also, consider various cosmetic treatments to reverse obvious signs of aging. Learn more about Atlanta eyelid surgery to remove excess tissue and restore elasticity across your eyes, which can make you appear much younger.


Most people in their 60s and beyond will often complain about a lack of moisture retention and hydration in the skin. Various options can help people in their 60s turn back the clock on their appearance. For example, many effective cosmetic treatments are available, such as a face and neck lift, cheek lift, or brow lift. Also, over 60s must follow simple skincare routines that focus on skin hydration.


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