5 Best Ways to Look After Your Oral Health

5 Best Ways to Look After Your Oral Health

Oral hygiene is extremely important, but it’s one aspect of personal health that can easily be neglected. This is because those with straight, white teeth may think that they don’t need to worry or can afford to be a little lackadaisical with their oral hygiene routine.

To make sure you’re giving your teeth, gums, and mouth the best chance, here are five ways you can make sure your oral health is always up to scratch.

  1. Brush Your Teeth Earlier in the Evening

If you’re leaving your pre-bedtime wash and brush until the very last minute when you’re already falling asleep, you risk not doing it thoroughly enough — or, worse, skipping it altogether because you’re too tired.

If you can brush your teeth a little earlier in the evening when you’re still fully awake, you can do a better job and also make sure it’s always done.

  1. Brush, Floss, and Mouthwash

Flossing isn’t just something your dentist tries to promote that you can afford to pass upon. There’s a reason it’s so important. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash work hand in hand to take care of every corner of your mouth. If you’re only using a toothbrush, you’re risking plaque build-up between your teeth or not reaching bits of food that could be stuck in there. Eventually, this could cause problems such as gum disease, so it’s important you start early instead of when the problems begin.

  1. Always Attend Regular Checkups 

If you don’t have any problems with your teeth, you may think a checkup or two can be skipped. Maybe you’re too busy with work and life, so dental appointments take a backseat.

Regular checkups are essential for your oral health because your dentist will be able to see things you can’t. There may be issues you haven’t realized, which could worsen if gone undetected. So make sure you always book your dental checkups when you’re due, like with Pakenham Dental Surgery near Beaconsfield, Victoria.

  1. Wait at Least Half an Hour After Acidic Food and Drink Before Brushing 

If you’re someone who downs their morning coffee and then goes straight to brush their teeth, then this could be a problem. Coffee and other food or drink containing acid will coat your teeth, which means if you’re brushing as soon as you’ve finished, those acidic properties will not yet be washed away by your saliva. So if you’re using a toothbrush straight away, you’re risking rubbing in the acid onto your teeth even further.

Waiting 30 minutes is a good general rule, so try to incorporate this into your routine. The same applies to your evening brush.

  1. Brush Your Gums, Too 

It’s essential to care for your gums as much as your teeth, to prevent health problems like gum disease. When brushing your teeth, be sure to take extra time to run your toothbrush along your gums, too. This is best done with your toothbrush at an angle.


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