Three Surprising Foods That Can Affect Your Oral Health

Three Surprising Foods That Can Affect Your Oral Health

Keeping your teeth healthy can be one of the hardest things to do, especially with so many different things that can cause damage. Even though the effects could be minimal, you would be surprised how many foods can cause damage but also by which ones can help to protect you.

Speak To Your Dentist

If you are unsure about ways to protect your mouth or even just what to avoid to ensure a healthier mouth, why not speak to your local dentist? They will be able to advise you on any further steps you might need to take, as well as provide a treatment plan if you end up with dental issues. By using companies, such as Lifestyle Smiles who have dental services in Brighton, Victoria Australia, you will be able to make sure you get whatever information you need to maintain strong oral health, and they can guide you through the process.

Soda In Moderation

There are many warnings about fizzy drinks and how the sugar content of drinks (like Coke and certain lemonades) can contribute to tooth decay and whilst the effects are real, it doesn’t stop there. Even diet sodas and lower sugar alternatives can cause high levels of corrosion due to some of the complicated chemicals that are included to boost the flavor. Artificial sweeteners can be the worst culprits as they can often be far more acidic and unfortunately will burn through the enamel reasonably quickly. Whilst it is okay to have some of these drinks once in a while, try to practice restraint to minimize the effects.

Watch Out For Crisps

Would you believe it if you were told crisps can be worse for your teeth than chocolate? It might seem unlikely but in reality, the starch content in crisps and other similar snacks can be severely damaging. The bacteria in plaque can break down the starch into acid, which could spend up to 20 minutes attacking your mouth. This can then be exacerbated if you find some pieces stuck between your teeth. As bits of crisps can splinter off and end up stuck in all the little nooks and crannies of your mouth, take extra care to floss and make sure to get rid of any extra parts you may have missed. It might not seem like much, but it can do a whole lot of good.

Think Green

Now for something more positive and much like with many health issues, it appears vegetables might well be the answer. There are multiple benefits to eating crunchy veg, with the most important one being how it affects bacteria. Crunchy encourages the productions of saliva and this can help neutralize the bacteria in your mouth, hopefully reducing the creation of plaque and slowing down any decay. Furthermore, the crunching motion can help to massage your gums, which can stimulate blood flow and help to combat gum disease. These effects alone show how eating vegetables can be a great benefit as not only will it make your oral health better, it can make your next visit to the dentist that much less stressful.


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