Is Your Smile Holding You Back?

Is Your Smile Holding You Back?

For a lot of people, the appearance of their teeth can be one of the most crucial factors in their life. Reasons for this could be because they are trying to find employment or because they are looking to make friends at a party. For some, a bad smile can make them lose confidence in important situations like job interviews.

Poor care for your teeth can lead to many problems that could affect your life in a variety of ways. The most noticeable problem is caused by poor oral hygiene and bad breath that can lead to very awkward moments when speaking with others. This is because people tend to feel uncomfortable speaking with someone with bad breath and may find themselves avoiding them altogether. This leaves those who have poor dental care feeling socially isolated and alone. Though further down the line it could lead to more serious health concerns.

What can cause bad breath?

Halitosis or is a condition that affects the oral cavity. It may be caused by bacteria in the mouth, sinuses, lungs, stomach, or throat. Bad breath can make it difficult for people to speak to one another or feel comfortable talking to others. Some of the more widespread causes of bad breath are food particles left on teeth after eating, dental decay, or low levels of saliva in the mouth.

What is an Overbite & How Does it Cause Problems?

An overbite occurs when the upper teeth sit in front of the lower teeth. This is when the tongue can’t move to create an open space between your top and bottom teeth. When this happens, people who have it may need to adjust their bite to avoid dental problems.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth are caused by many factors, including genetics, childhood habit of chewing on objects, and the pressure of orthodontic appliances.

The most widespread cause of crooked teeth is genetic. This means that if your parents have crooked teeth, the genes that they passed down to you could be responsible for crooked teeth as well. However, there are other causes to be considered, such as habitually chewing on objects as a child.

The Importance Of Regular Dental Check-Ups

A routine dental check-up is always the best way to find any dental problems early on. It also helps to prevent any serious health problems from arising.

A dentist such as Enhanced Dental Studios Redcliffe can advise you on your options, whether it is to improve oral hygiene or for more cosmetic improvements to your smile.

How to Get the Teeth Straightened

  • If you are an adult who is interested in getting your teeth straightened but are not sure where to go or how to do it.
  • Braces have become a very popular way to fix crooked teeth. While they are most effective for children, adults can also use them with great results.
  • If you receive the correct dental care, there is no reason why your smile would hold you back from achieving your dreams.


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